how a blog helps your business

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verifies that you’re human (without the annoying CAPTCHA)

It’s 2019 and, sadly, most business websites sound the same. They all use the same words (I mean, it really isn’t innovative to use “innovative” anymore) and have the same look.

So, if people land on your website and see the typical business-y talk and the typical business-y look? yeah, I’d move on too…

Having a blog helps you bring a more human voice to your website, connecting with people by bringing them great stuff they actually want to read. You buy from people you trust, not the random person on the street.

Don’t be the random person.

keeps you lookin’ fresh

Whether it’s information or cereal, stale is never good.

Google agrees with us (at least about the information part) and updated their search algorithm in 2011 to begin showing people the “freshest” or most recent results first in search results. They call this the “freshness factor”.

Since your services page, about page, and home page are unlikely to change often, a blog helps you keep improves your freshness factor and increases your chances of appearing in search results.

Stale sites are bad, mmkay?

if you post it, they will come

Having a blog also encourages people to visit your site (in the marketing world, these people are monolithically referred to as “inbound traffic”), which increases your website’s ranking in Google.

Now, it’s obviously not as easy as just posting. Your posts need to be engaging and useful to the people you’re trying to sell your product or services: explain something, show them how to do something. If you do it right, they’ll love you for it, I promise 😉

Now, to be clear there are a LOT of other factors that influence your website’s ranking in search results, but posting useful stuff on your blog definitely helps.

What are you waiting for? Post, little bird, post!