Once we’ve collected all of the information necessary for your project, your website will be completed within 5-10 business days. This timeline assumes you provide all requested information within 1-2 business days.
We understand the suspicion, but there really is no catch! Over the past decade, we’ve delivered beautiful, effective websites for businesses of all sizes, from startups to eight-figure companies. We’ve made our affordable prices profitable for ourselves by streamlining our onboarding and design processes.
We pay close attention to your needs and business goals throughout the entire onboarding process, so there’s a slim chance we’ll create something that you don’t like. Everything we create is based on goals, vision and details you’ve expressed. We’ll always work to make you happy. We’ll collect your specific feedback on your new proposed website, and include 1 website revision at no additional charge.
While we offer upfront pricing for our clients, our monthly packages are designed to be affordable for small business owners. Our flexible monthly pricing helps business owners preserve their monthly cash flow. In the end, whether you choose to pay for your website upfront or through a monthly payment, you’ll always receive great service and a great experience!
For the security of your company’s information, we do not manage emails and recommend hosting emails on different platform than your website. We recommend G Suite or Google for Business. This allows you to use your own domain with G Suite’s email service.
To ensure the speed, security and uptime of your website, our websites can only be hosted on our servers at this time.
Once you’ve selected a package, you’ll be directed to a secure payment portal to pay for your first month, along with the initial startup fee. After your payment is processed, we’ll begin setting your account up and you’ll begin our onboarding process. This process typically takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and gives us the information necessary for a great website. After you’ve completed the onboarding process, we’ll begin to design your website according to your specifications. For most projects, websites are launched 5-10 business days after you complete our onboarding process.
One of our core principles is to keep our customers by providing them with highly valuable services – not locking them into an unreasonable contract. While we will always endeavor to prevent this from happening, if you do decide to cancel before your agreement completion date, you will be required to pay your remaining balance. If you are cancelling and would like to migrate to another hosting provider, you’ll also be required to pay our buyout fee ($2000). Once you’ve paid your remaining balance and the buyout fee, we will migrate your website to your new hosting provider. If you are cancelling your service with us and are not migrating to another hosting provider, you will be required to pay your remaining balance and your website will be deleted from our servers within two weeks from your cancellation request.
Definitely! We’ll help you migrate that over to us with no additional cost. You can shred all your existing hosting + domain bills, as we’ll be able to handle it all with our packages.
We’ve taken great care to ensure we provide secure and extremely reliable hosting, however, if you decide that you would like to migrate your website to another provider, you have that option. If you have not reached the end of your agreement and would like to cancel, you will be required to pay 50% of your remaining balance plus our buyout fee ($2000). After your payment has been processed, we will migrate your website to your new hosting provider. If you have reached the end of your agreement time and would like to migrate your site, rather than renew your agreement, you’ll be required to pay a buyout fee of $2000. After your payment is processed, we will help you migrate your website to your new hosting service
After your agreement is up, you can choose to renew and receive a FREE website redesign. We’ll honor your plan pricing and that’ll never change as long as you have an active agreement. If you’d like to cancel, we require a $1,500 buyout fee and we can help migrate to your new host.
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