graphic design

Looks Matter.

Bad graphic design is a bit like…

wearing your “at home” clothes. If you’re at home, alone or with your loved ones, that stained but comfortable T-shirt is great for tinkering around on home projects or lounging around (our choice, every time). While we won’t argue that your favorite T-shirt isn’t comfortable, I think we can both agree that it wouldn’t be best for a job interview or a date.

In the same way, bad graphic design is actually okay – if you’re not planning on selling a product or service to people. If you do want to sell your product or service, you need to have graphics that aren’t “stained”, but are consistent and meaningful – right down to the very colors that you use!

If you’re a new startup company…

graphics help you define your company’s identity and character in a crowded world. If you’re an established company that’s still wearing the “stained T-shirt” to trade shows, let’s change clothes!

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