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Tell your story at a glance.

A logo is about more than a nice picture. It’s about designing a symbol that conveys your business’ unique traits, nuances, and desired perception. The best logo designers listen before designing anything. We always start logo design projects by asking you several questions about your desired brand. These questions help us craft a symbol that tells your unique story to everyone who sees it.

You’re likely wondering, “Why should AMARQUEZ be the one to design my logo?” Well, since 2011, we’ve helped local businesses create brand identities that conveyed their unique personality, rich history, and desired customer perception. If you’re ready to capture your company’s unique story in a professional logo design, let’s talk!

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Tell A Story

Good logos capture & convey your business’ nuances, values, and history.

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Consistent, Everywhere

Our logo designs bring cohesive flow to all designed assets like letterhead & cards.

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Leave “Same” Behind

It’s fine to be inspired by other companies. But our goal is to convey your uniqueness.


Grab Attention

Often, you only get milliseconds to make a first impression. We ensure it’s a good one.

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Elevate Your Brand

Design is about perception. A good logo raises your status in customers’ minds.

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Form & Function

Your logo will blend form and function so it seamlessly integrates into every asset.

How much do logos cost?

Our minimum pricing is $750 but we do have several tiers with varying deliverables. Please schedule a call with us so we can recommend the best option based on your needs.

How long do logo projects take?

The timeline of a project depends on how fast you provide feedback to us. However, most logo projects can be completed within 7-15 business days.

Do you provide any additional design assets?

Yes, we can also design business cards, posters, banners, letterhead, social media graphics, and event brochures.