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Refresh your company's website design with our web design team.

An outdated website design drives people away but a good design can directly improve your brand development. We’ve streamlined our project delivery timeframe so that most website projects are finished within a month.

On our monthly plans, each website we build includes web hosting and technical support services so your website performs great, whether you’re a small business or a larger company. Do you want to integrate marketing solutions like Hubspot into your website? No problem! Our website support services let us handle your support tickets fast!

Each website designer on our team serves clients with prompt service, timely deliverables, and in-scope projects. When you need a great website to support your digital strategy, reach out!

Our web design makes it easy for customers to find answers.

These days, your customers are impatient. They don’t want to dig through pages of website content to find out whether you can help them. That’s why our digital agency builds each new website to be simple and uncluttered. This helps your medium or small business do a wonderful job of engaging and converting potential customers.

We combine graphic design with our Fresno web design and search engine optimization services so you get a powerful marketing solution for your business. AMARQUEZ is known throughout California’s Central Valley for superior web design services that help businesses scale and grow their marketing efforts.

Web design built with search engine optimization for more traffic.

One of the most common web design mistakes we see companies make is not building with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. From page titles to alt text for graphic design assets, SEO elements are vital for your web design. This is why, for SEO and web design, Fresno companies choose AMARQUEZ.

We use SEO to turn each web design into a rankable asset for your company, generating leads for your business. More than beautiful art, a good website design will become a functional part of your lead generation and online growth strategies.

A web design that looks great on computers and mobile devices.

Mobile-optimized web design isn’t just a “nice thing to have”: it’s a vital component for any digital marketing strategy. When users access your website from their mobile phones, we’ll ensure that your website it’s secure, loads fast, and is mobile-optimized.

It’s better than mobile app development: it’s your website, optimized to look and work as well as mobile apps for your website users. From submitting forms to reading blog posts and more, your website will be a powerful platform that supports your business. When you need a new website, choose our top-rated web design agency based in Fresno, CA.

Get secure hosting and web design with our website plans.

In the old days, web design agencies would charge thousands of dollars for a website design without providing any maintenance or support for the website after the website was launched. Now, modern web design agencies like AMARQUEZ help large and small businesses by building and supporting custom websites.

Our secure web hosting services give you peace of mind that your website is up and running at all times. And, if it isn’t, we hop on it and get it fixed ASAP. When you need web design, Fresno-based AMARQUEZ offers web design, web development, website support, and search engine optimization for a monthly fee.

Receive top-notch technical support when website errors pop up.

Owning a website comes with so many benefits, it can be easy to forget that errors and bugs do pop up from time to time. When website errors happen, they can be embarrassing and even cost you customers, if they aren’t addressed quickly.

That’s why our website plans include website support services. Once we’re done creating a beautiful web design, we provide ongoing website support to ensure it provides you with true results.

Refresh your logo design for a premium look.

An outdated logo design can clash with a beautiful web design, ruining the impact of both visual elements. So, we offer logo design, as well as web design services. If your logo is outdated and in desperate need of a refresh, our graphic design and web design team will provide the perfect logo. 

The best web design works with the logo to support your brand development and brand identity, establishing credibility and trust with leads and customers. If you’re ready for a new logo, contact our web design agency based in Fresno, CA.

Create a bold online presence with custom web design.

One of the keys to online success is establishing a web design that reflects your company’s core values and personality. Our web design team works with you to create a custom website design that instantly conveys your company’s unique brand. 


Using our search engine optimization services, your new custom web design will appear in search results for leads and drive them to your website.

We want to do more than create a beautiful web design: we want to directly support your business’ growth and bottom line. Join hundreds of happy clients and get your new custom website design today!

Track web traffic & demographics with monthly reports.

As part of our commitment to building powerful websites, we provide monthly website reports for our clients. Each month, you receive a breakdown of website traffic, user demographics, top web pages, and other site metrics to help you make better decisions.

For SEO and web design, Fresno companies trust AMARQUEZ to deliver amazing website design and effective search engine optimization services. We want to push your local business forward! Contact us for the best web design Fresno has ever seen!

Spread the word about your local business with local SEO.

Our web design company provides search engine optimization and web design Fresno has chosen since 2011. Combined with our SEO focus, our website design services help small business owners based in Fresno, CA, generate leads and potential customers using their website. Years of web design and web development experience means we know exactly what to do so you rank higher in search engines.

As a web design and development firm, we help clients across different industries like financial services, real estate, tech support companies, and digital marketing firm partners. With a distinct understanding of how to help your small business grow, each web design professional on our team creates graphic design assets that adhere to your brand identity and support your brand strategy.

Powered By WordPress CMS, the engine for over 40% of websites.

We build our websites using the powerful and versatile WordPress platform. As an established name among content management systems (CMS), WordPress can be used for pretty much any use case, including e-commerce, showcasing custom graphic design assets like ebooks and infographics, and much more.

Building on top of such a versatile platform, our web design team can build a website that natively integrates with marketing solutions like Hubspot, HotJar, and Google Analytics. It also gives your website more longevity than a custom system since most web design teams can work with WordPress.

Gain peace of mind with our website backup services.

These days, companies and customers alike realize the importance of ensuring that their data is accessible yet protected against failure and hackers. Our website backup services give you peace of mind that we’ll be able to recover and restore your website if it encounters problems or goes down.

Based in Fresno, CA, our web design agency builds sites that are maintained and hosted by our full-time technical support team.  When your website is unsecured or a plugin update breaks your website, our support team hops on it so you can focus on growing your business – not fixing website errors.

Support social media marketing efforts.

Although we don’t offer social media management services, we directly support your social media marketing efforts by building and maintaining a beautiful website. Once you’ve won their trust on social media, leads will come to your beautiful website and be impressed with your company’s branding and graphic design.

Our team is ready to help you use search engine optimization (SEO) to get more customers and leads from your website. Building a unified brand online helps you impress and convert more clients and customers.

Maximize your offline presence with professional graphic design.

Our clients have seen massive success from their websites. However, we also offer professional graphic design services to improve your offline customer interactions. Our graphics will be branded to match your logo and web design so your brand is firmly etched in each customer’s mind.

Based in Fresno, CA, our growing web design agency uses smart web design processes to create amazing designs for our clients. Since 2011, we’ve proudly served businesses in Fresno, CA with great website design, web development, and website maintenance. Contact us today!

Show off your videos with website design.

Service providers often invest in video production to show the personality of their company and support their corporate brand development. Our website designers create websites that are responsive, mobile-friendly, and optimized to deliver an amazing user experience with videos.

We use WordPress® because it’s one of the top content management systems (CMS), powering most of the custom websites online today. This powerful CMS platform lets our team create a web design that supports search engine optimization and other aspects of your online marketing.

When you need a mobile-friendly website, trust our web design services. Each web design professional at AMARQUEZ uses their skills to create a web design that does an amazing job of attracting and converting leads. For large and small businesses alike, good web design can directly support your brand awareness and digital strategy.

Build a platform for digital marketing.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are great platforms for driving traffic. But, they make terrible “homes” for your online presence because they’re rented, not owned. If you rely only on social media marketing for your business, when their platform goes down, your customers can’t find you.

On the other hand, when you’ve invested in web development and web design, you have an online “home base” for all of your social media marketing and other digital marketing efforts. Instead of trying to reach users through a cluttered interface, you’ll have a mobile-friendly, responsive website design.

So, if you’re tired of dealing with an unreliable Fresno web design guy, contact us! Throughout the Central Valley, AMARQUEZ is known for having top web designers who understand online marketing strategies and helping local businesses grow.

Fresno web designers in a top website design agency

When it comes to web design, Fresno companies have trusted our web design company for nearly a decade. In 2011, we started as a digital marketing agency based in Fresno, CA, and offered social media marketing, graphic design, website development, and other marketing services.


However, we’ve since narrowed our focus to designing and building custom websites that support each client’s digital marketing efforts. We’re not an “internet marketing agency” or mobile app development company.

Instead, we collaborate with digital marketing agencies as a white-labeled web designers and help local businesses scale their website marketing efforts.

So, when you’re looking for a Fresno web design agency that also offers web development and graphic design, choose AMARQUEZ. Each web designer on our team is skilled at building websites that power real growth for local businesses in Fresno, CA.

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